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Vensik Co., is a leading Connector & Cable Assemblies make based in Nan Kong Taipei, with additional production facilities in Terminals, Housing, Header and harness Assemblies.
Twenty years ago, Vensik makes a name for itself-as it has since opening doors for business in 1978 by selling high quality Connector & Cables Assemblies products.
Vensik is one of few companies to supply a full range of interconnection to meet specification's. From customer design, molding and plastic injection to manufacturing. Each product is manufactured by our integrated operation and undergoes stringent QC to ensure high quality.
Since 1988 ,Vensik can offer products with UL approval , the separates file number is E118221 & ISO9001 & ISO14001 and TS16949, Believeing, our excellent R & D team and skilled employees are ready to work on your special design.
This focus on quality is just the beginning of Vensik service, to meet each customer's exact requirements, to be assured your order's timely arrival, and to provide a low cost base in exactly the countries you need. If any require from you for more information, please don't hesitate to contact us