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Our Factory

Efficient production staff at Work

Automatic wire cutting/stripping facilities
  • Profile
    Total area of:
    10546 square meters
    (113516 square feet)
    Built in 1978
    Plant 1 Nan Kong Dist. Taipei City
    Plant 2 Shi Chih City,Taipei County
  • Staff Details
    Production Staff: 60 to 79
    QC Staff: 20 to 29
    R&D Staff: 10 to 19
  • Site Advantages/Description
    We are conveniently located to all transport mediums, the site is just 5 minutes away from the nearest rail station and an hour away from the airport.
  • Materials/Components
    Raw materials are sourced in USA and Germany and Taiwan


  • Machinery/Production Process
    A capital investment of US$3 million went into our machinery and production process. We are well equipped with high-tech equipment and up-to-date facilities, capable to meet your exact requirements.
  • 50% of the production equipment used are automated, 30% are semi-automated, and 20% are manually operated.