• 2470 Series

    * 4 Circuits
    * Two PC Tail lengths [rigle angle]
    * Housing [UL 94V-2] or [UL 94V-0] Nylon 66
    * Terminal, Brass, .084"[2.13mm] dia.:
       Plating, Electro-tin/copper
    * Friction lock feature on right angle version for
       stability during wave soldering
    * Friction lock inside housing for imprved retention
       of mating connector
    * Mates with 2430 housing 2470-F socket headers
    * Current rating: 7A AC. DC
    * Voltage rating: 250V AC. Maximum
    * Temperature range: -40°C ~ +105°C .
    * Contact resistance: Initial Value/10mΩ max.
                                     After environmental testing
                                     After environmental testing
                                     /20mΩ max.
    * Insulation resistance: 5000 MΩ min
    * Withstand voltage: 1500V AC/minute
    * Applicable PC board thickness: .063"[1.6mm]


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