• 25060 Series
    Vertical, 5 rows wide body press fit & solder type
    * 10 Circuits
    * Housing: Glass Filled LCP, UL 94V-0
    * Contact: Phosphor Bronze
    * Mates With: 24884
    * 10 Circuits modular nuit fits into same space and footprint
       as 30 Circuits signal module
    * Sturdy male blade pins avovid bending and dissipate heat
    * Post-plated pins provide high reliability
    * Code key insertion holes secure code keys and provide
       proper mating alignment
    * PCB retention pegs provide additional hold-down
    * Current rating: 3.0A
    * Voltage rating: 1000V
    * Temperatur range: -55°C ~+ 125°C
    * Contact resistance: 10mΩ max.
    * Insulation resistance: 5000mΩ min.
    * Dielectric withstanding voltage: 750V AC


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Series No. 25060 Series
No. of Contact 10P
DIP Style
Premating and Solder Tail 1A:Premating 6.5mm Solder Tail 4.2mm
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