• 25222 Series
    Vertical, 4 rows wide body press fit & solder type

    * 24,48,96,192 Circuits
    * Housing: Glass Filled LCP, UL 94V-0
    * Contact: Phosphor Bronze
    * Mates With: 24526
    * style press-fit contact design provides 3kg of
       retention force and 4 points of contact for a gas-tight
    * Selective Gold-plated pins offer high reliability
    * Various pin lengths for sequential mating; various tail*
       lengths to meet PCB layout keys
    * Code key insertion holes secure code keys
    * Hight-temperature material withstands wave soldering
    * Current rating: 1.0A
    * Voltage rating: 100V
    * Temperatur range: -55°C ~+ 125°C
    * Contact resistance: A Row 25mΩ max.
                                             B Row 35mΩ max.
                                             C Row 40mΩ max.
                                              D Row 45mΩ max.
    * Insulation resistance: 1000mΩ min.
    * Dielectric withstanding voltage: 750V AC
    * Press-fit Area: 1mΩ max.


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