About Us

Vensik History


VENSIK ELECTRONICS  stands as a premier manufacturer of interconnection components in Taiwan in the realm of mechatronics for global automotive market.


Established in 1978, we started our business making and supplying molded plastics and connectors for industrial applications.


Twenty years later, we then indentified the immense potential and value of the more innovation-laden automotive sector.

In 2001, we obtained the certification of ISO/TS-16949 as a preparation to transform our business landscape to global automoitve market. Soon we formally pivoted our strategic direction to exclusively serving automotive market, devoting most resources and attention to upgrading our overall operations in aspects of specialized expertise, manufacturing techniques, and company culture as well.


This relentless pursuit of achieving excellence has earned us the trust and confidence among our automotive clients in North America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Itay, Hungary, Czech Repulic, China, South Korea, and other parts of the world.



Vensik Superiority


All in House Manufacturing from Concept to Completion


With headquarter in Taipei city of Taiwan, Vnesik deployed our 4 production plants in adjacent area, with each of them producing different parts. With this all-in-house comprehensive production structure, we gain the advantage to provide a fully integrated manufacturing capability that spans from tooling development and stamping production to molding production and assembly process.


Having comprehensive solutions from concept to completion and backed with integrated operations and lean production principles, we can always maximize value in every component we make.



45+ year experience > 200 employees 4 plants all-in-house 90% for automotive 100+ custom parts





Specializing in Customized OEM for Automotive


At Vensik, our expertise lies in the production of customized OEM components encompassing PCB/ECU-related connectors, metal/plastic/rubber composites, and functional plastics and terminals.


A significant portion of 90% of the components is utilized in automotive critical domains including E-mobility, EPS, ADAS, Body Control, and Lighting. Through our partnerships with international automotive Tier#1/Tier#2 manufacturers worldwide, now we have more than 100 customized parts integrated into cutting-edge automotive systems, contributing to the advancement and innovation of global automotive market.




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